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Volume 2, Nomor 3

Volume 2, Nomor 3, Desember 2005












Fungsi dan Pengembangan Bursa Berjangka Jakarta (BBJ) sebagai Solusi

Alternatif Investasi Futures Trading di Indonesia


Harry Yusuf A. Laksana
Perdana Wahyu Santosa


In this paper we try to explain about future trading in Jakarta Future Exchange (Bursa Berjangka Jakarta).  Future trading in Indonesia is something new and not popular like stock market. Market capitalization in this market so little and daily trading  is near to “infrequent”. As alternative investment beside stock market, investor or traders is not familiar with the instrument that trade in BBJ because some reason, like 1) investment instrument such as forward and future trading base on commodities like CPO, olefin, gold, index etc without physical delivery is not familiar and just like “contract trading” and 2) Brokers and investment manager are not credible enough with many problems  3) The regulation of BBJ is not mature with some changes for short term implementation. 4) Measure for determining which derivative securities are high risk and unsuitable … investment and reporting of derivative securities will adversely affect the. institutions’ investment in derivative securities with limited risk. We understand … These problems were added with some critical issues like trading online that the supporting of information technology is not ready and not familiar for brokers and traders.


Marketing Mix Strategies of Selected Travel Agencies in Makati


Hadiati Fitri


Penelitian ini dimaksudkan untuk mengetahui strategi bauran pemasaran dari industri travel agen. Empat variable digunakan dalam penelitian ini  yang meliputi: produk atau jasa, harga. promosi dan tempat. Untuk mengetahui intensitas strategi kita mendefinisikan tujuan atau objective dari keempat variable dan  strategi yang dipakai dalam mencapai tujuannya, kemudian  melihat masalah yang dihadapi dalam pelaksanaan buaran pemasaran itu serta memberikan  alternative pemecahan masalah untuk memperbaikinya.


Perlakuan Akuntansi dan Peraturan Pajak terhadap Selisih  Kurs Valas di Indonesia




Each activity related to foregn currencies gives risk level to companies as a consequence of the diffrence rate from time to time. How far the companies are influenced by currency rate is called exposure. High impac on rate deiffrences where hedging could not deal with or too expencive to be covered by hedging the companies could apply the valid accounting treatment by identifying the cause or rate, whether it is solely caused by fluctuation on foreign currency value on market or caused by goverment regulation knoe as devaluation or extraordinary depreciation on foreign currency as regulated in PSAK NO.10. otherwise as stated by income tax ordinance no.17 year 2000 and all government regulation as SK Mentri Keuangan (finance Ministry Act), they have diffrent valuation and treatment on exchange rate.


Tanggung Jawab Sosial Perusahaan terhadap Kelestarian Lingkungan Alam


Verni Yuliaty Ismail


Businesses exist for one fundamental purpose – to earn profits for their own. Issue of social responsibility is becoming increasingly important as companies around the world enter an era of intense competition. A number of highly visible ecological problems and environmental disasters brought about a new spirit of environmentalism among individuals, groups, and organizations. Increasingly, managers began to confront questions about an organization’s decisions and activities and its impact on the natural environment, that is referred to as the greening of management. 


Alternatif Kebijakan Ekonomi Publik  melalui  Role Of Government

terhadap Terjadinya Kegagalan Pasar


Eka Denny Mansjur


The first fundamental theorem of welfare economics assert that the economy is Pareto efficient, which market play such central role in our economy; under ideal condition. But there is often dissatisfaction with market, some of dissatisfaction is an alternative way of organizing the economy might make better off. Economist have devoted enormous effort to understanding the circumstances under which market yield efficient outcomes, and the circumstances in which they fail to do so. This paper will look both at these market failures and the reasons why governments intervenes in market even when they are efficient.


Studi Perilaku Calon Mahasiswa terhadap

Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Yarsi


Muhammad Ghazali


The research was designed to accomplish the following goals: Determine ‘Economic Faculty – University of Yarsi’ current image and reputation, identify features and attributes associated with reputable universities, assess ‘Economic Faculty – University of Yarsi’ on those features/attributes, identify customer decision making, identify market response, segmentation, positioning, and market responses. In order to accomplish these objectives, the following research was undertaken: Focus groups with Economic Faculty Student from Yarsi University, Focus groups with Economic Faculty Student from Others University, survey by questioner with Economic Faculty Student from Yarsi University, and survey by questioner with undergraduate prospects (high school juniors).


Pengaruh Nilai-Nilai Pribadi, Praktik-Praktik Organisasi, dan Iklim Psikologis

terhadap Tingkat Kemangkiran (Absenteeism)


Verni Y.Ismail


Employee absence has been widely acknowledged in recent years to be a growing problem for organizations, including in high education institution like university. This study was designed to test a model that address whether psychological climate mediates the relationship between personal values and organizational practices to objectively registered lecturers absenteeism. Result of structural equation modeling showed that the hypothesized model was fitted to the data. The results also suggest that psychological climate is not a mediator of relationship between personal values and organizational practices to absenteeism.