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YARSI UNIVERSITY was established by the YARSI Foundation as YARSI Medical College on  April 15, 1967 with a single study program, Medicine, out of concern over the scarcity of medical personnel in Indonesia, especially the low number of Muslims working in health care. This was reflected in the fact that in 1967 none of the existing medical education institutions and hospitals was managed by an Islamic institution. Along the way, in 1969, in accordance with Law No. 22 of 1961, YARSI Medical College was changed to YARSI Medical School.

The idea to expand the medical school to a university had been considered since 1979. With the experience of managing a medical school, the foundation finally carried out the plan in the academic year 1989/1990. In accordance with YARSI’s 1988 / 1989-1998 / 1999 Development Blueprint, in the first five-year stage, YARSI opened three new faculties: Law, Economics and Industrial Technology.

YARSI Medical School transformed into the Faculty of Medicine at YARSI University, in addition to the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Information Technology. The 2007/2008 academic year saw YARSI adding a new faculty, the Faculty of Psychology with a specialty in Health Psychology.

The Faculty of Economics (FE) offers two programs. Management Studies was established on September 21, 1989 by the decree of establishment No. 0616 / O / 1089. In 1990 the Faculty of Economics opened Accounting Studies, on May 31, by the decree of establishment No. 0385 / O / 1990. Management Studies was accredited B in December 2006 by the Decree of the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) No.019 / BAN-PT / Ak-X / XII / 2006 and began the process of obtaining the A accreditation in 2011. Accounting Studies recently obtained a B accreditation in June 2010 by the decree of BAN-PT No.006 / BAN-PT / Ak-XIII / S1 / VI / 2010.